Empower & facilitate poor single mothers from
whom come 82% of all the world´s street kids .
Ten years ago Veronica fled a barrio in Lima, Peru, escaping a violent relationship which left her battered and her four year old son abused.
Without money she made it 500 miles north, to the poorest section of Trujillo, where she settled in a shanty house in Alto Trujillo. Within a short time she found her way into the city centre where she found our NGO. She was looking for help. When we heard her story we were surprised to learn Veronica was not seeking help for herself, but for her neighbors, mostly abandoned mothers and their children. Her sincerity compelled us to go have a look,and meet her neighbors. This in spite of our being already over extended. Her visit coincided with the beginning of our summer school term (January in the Southern Hemisphere),
So we opened our first Alto Trujillo shanty school in Veronicas temporary home. We doubled the usable space by installing reed walls around the back garden and a plastic roof covering the house and garden.

In 2007, with Veronica´s participation, we gathered more than 300 single mothers and began to train them to become micro entrepreneurs. "ArribaYa". We leverage all the credit we had built up in Peru, Ecuador and Panama, and began lending enough to each mother to start their designated businesses. We also finance Veronica´s venture into the jewelry making business. (See her in this 2007 video). And in the first anniversary video. YouTube
Veronica worked day and night to become a successful jeweler.
In 2008 she divided her time between jewelry making and our social work.
See Veronica in Education Video
Today Veronica owns a small jewelry making ateliere, 2 jewelry stores + places in several markets; owns a comfortable apartment in the city centre, and she provides a living for several dozen mothers who came through our programme and she trained to turn her designs into finished jewelry and accessories. Today Veronica is also on the board of directors of our Peruvian NGO.
Veronica is always teaching or mentoring
newly signed up women.
She always includes our current mothers in her frequent Bazaars,
Ferias and classes
The school is still in operation, [now as "ASK Trujillo"]. We moved from Veronica´s house after the first term and occupied a succession of rented properties until settling in the purpose built structure in 2010 - known as the
All these years Veronica has remained a part-time member of our staff, sometimes as community social worker and lately as business start up trainer to our mothers. Nine years ago she co-founded Cuerpo de Madres (Mother´s Corps) - which continues until this day.

As a director Veronica joins Charo as a safe pair of hands when we are working on projects in other countries.Veronica is our best example so far of a poor single mother who, with only a little encouragement from us, has made a prosperous and fulfilling life for herself, given security to her children; and through the mothers she has brought along with her: has ensudered that hundreds of impoverished kids will now not end up living in the streets.