ASK Trujillo:El Alto

(Porvenir) & Nuevo Jerusalen (Florencia de Mora)
November 2013: The year ended with more children than usual passing on to State Schools, while others graduated because we had taken them as far as they wanted to go. The increase in numbers was due to our adding new classes in two of the shanty schools.
December 2013 Immediately followed the annual Christmas celebration, which for our dear children brings the joy of a party the likes of which they had not known before joining us. It also includes the sadness of parting - some have been with us in these tiny schools for years. ŽBy way of supplies and moral support we will continue to help you when you are gone from here to the next placeŽ. Adieu.
January 2014: A day after the Christmas party and completion of the 2013 main term, social workers, teachers and assistants hit the dirt tracks and back streets, knocking at temporary shelters recruiting children for the January term, 2014..
Gowns & diplomas for older students who have completed.
Harvesting the fruits of our labor................. Ana Tere and a Teacher
welcome new students to a morning class.
Sept - October 2013: We have just been notified of good fortune - not ours
but rather children we are yet to locate, then nourish and put into our Peruvian shanty schools; for those schools are as of now fully accredited
institutions of formal education, both secondary and primary: saith the Minister of Education.
To honour the elevated status granted to our humble schools we are now seeking an appropriate property in Nuevo Jerusalen, to purchase and there install a two room school to rival our ASK School in Alto Trujillo.
Boy on hold: Juan was born 21 years ago. His mother could see there was something wrong so she never register his birth, got an ID, medical help nor put him in school. We found Juan 3 months ago (at last).
Out of the blue a lady from the Ministery of
Education rang up to say we are being accredited.
Then a nice man turned up with certificates, visited classes: a foto op.
We got him documented & paid for a CT scan. Juan now receives epilepsy medication & attends our school.
July - August 2013...to
Those of you who follow us know that for the past several months we have been preoccupied with opening yet anther class for out-of-school kids in the Northern Peru city of Trujillo. This week it all came together: new teacher, Elena Cruzado, new group of local recruiters & new kids.

It's now mid-winter in South America.
No snow will fall on the Pacific coastal
plane but to locals it still feels cold enough
to have to bundle up.
Last Dentists for 2013
Treated the final groups
of our very poor children
[farewell 'til next year].
Ana Tere and Bruce

New teacher Elena teaching local women how to recruit abandoned, out-of-school kids in their barrio.
Here is the barrio where they have been recruiting: Elena and her civic minded local women.
Here is the result of first day's recruiting [19 August 2013]. By week's end we will fill the quota
Shona & Amanda, last of this year's angels from British Dental Colleges have extracted, drilled, filled & gone
Scottish Dentists
Throughout May and June
have been treating our children, their families and our poor community at large.

Febuary 2013...to
Graduation: year of pre school
in 1 month

Images of a few or our children - Click to view slide show,

. Septembre 2012
This month ASK Trujillo School a positive usual, with the usual winter weather provoked absences
Nadim, teaching innovator, project director, respected/liked by all; will continue 2 help direct viaIinternet
'09 sports-day-games-farewell-to-Nadim events filled the need for a monthly distraction from classes.
Often the nutrition we give them is the most they will receive that day:
so it's simple but fortified
In 2006 Misha gave us a rich month. Now he and Mariel are here 4 longer
Our '09 cancer screening clinic
[sadly about 10% of local women test positive for uterus cancer].
'09 Art Contest for some artistic street children in collaboration with Artists Outlet Museums. Prizes & Certificates to best young talents.
ASK school is classrooms in the AMs and a Community Library / Literacy,
Co-op atelier or clinics in the PMs
'09 Baby shower (4 a victim) book
she holds was published 4 us when Dr. DianDoody volunteered in 2006
Alto is a dessert - our kids only see sand: except when they are inside our little shanty school.

. August 2012 Katerina: 2002 & 2012:
The Learning goes on: Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring
Shanty School @ Nuevo Jerusalen thrives
. "Club meting" for our kids now in further edu:
. July 2012 Dentists 4 the kids ( started 31.07 ):
eBay preparations (a chance to showcase Veronica)
Three on a bumpy ride 2 service
. Parents, Teachers and Students monthly:
.23 June 2012 The ASK Peru Timeline Movie:
.15 June 2012 Some ASK kids this day:
.11 June 2012 With Winter Coming on:
.04 June 2012
13 May 2012TODAY IS MOTHERS DAY - viewing the world through the eyes of our needy children, "mothers" are their favourite, most beloved people. Friday some of our children danced and Inca dance in celebration and love for their mothers: ASK PERU on YOUTUBE
[If you give 100 to a mother, she will invest 95 in her family: whereas a father will invest but 30]
..our kids who live w/Mom, danced 4 her...- Sofia reunited w/mom (Viki's Nan)- ..Anderson roof installed12/05

.08 May 2012 Little garden (in the desert) ..- Mothers Day @ the Coop - ....Dental clinic for 40 Children 07 May
.03 May 2012 - The Victoria & Sofia Story / Sofia & Victoria: they are 2 Children and they are Mother & Daughter
.19 April 2012 - Main Term in full swing. Welcome visit - auditing volunteers from England.
.21 March 2012 - Pre Term renovations and repainting. Then classes started Monday the 12th, aiming for 50 students.
.07 March 2012 - Even though the new law means we no longer must provide uniforms for our children going up to State School, we are giving anyway to the very porest of our children - they were promised before the new law was announced & giving shirts for the rest. Ana Tere consults with the lead teacher, Now the cycle goes on: here recruiting kids for the main 2012 term - opening 12.03
..29 Febuary 2012 .GOOD NEWS - School Uniforms no longer required in Peru = Success in our (& other's) 10 yr campaign -"UNIFORMS SHOULDN'T KEEP POOR KIDS FROM EDUCATIN". Also: - Our Inca children paint up for Carnival. And Term end party.
21 Febuary 2012 - And where do our children live?.Many in houses made of reeds or grain sacks. [When it rains!].
These days, while our children are in class, volunteers are preparing parents to register their children in State school.

17 Febuary 2012 - Climbing Cerro Alto...Friday we had a field trip for our children who had not yet
viewed their community from.the local mountain. We climbed Cerro Alto.....................